Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Wild About Learning!

As a result of consuming way too much diet coke and Starbucks and living on caffeine, my sleep habits are completely messed up. However, one perk? At night, when I should be sleeping, I instead have been planning and getting ideas for this year.

Let me start by sharing my theme for the year with you...

...We're going on a Learning Safari!

Another wonderful amazing teacher at my school (and one of my best friends at my school) is currently in Africa, and while she taught kindergarten last year, this year she's moving to 5th grade. As a motivator for her to visit my class (and to bring her awesome students with) I am doing a Safari theme since she loves Africa and is planning to move there one day!

In no particular order, here are some of the ways I see the theme popping up in my classroom:

  • "Spotted: Great Work!" --to show off my students' awesome hard work in the classroom
  • "Leap into Learning about..." --for our concept/question board
  • "Top Toucan" --a.k.a. Star of the Week
  • Music during workshop (and the occasional dance party--you know, Elton John's I Just Can't Wait to be King is the perfect song to rock out to)...The Lion King musical soundtrack
  • Leopards Earning their Spots-- maybe to track the books we read or when they bring back their reading logs? We shall see...oooh or maybe it will be my whole class tracker!

Some photos I've found for inspiration:

CLASS MOTTO: Hakuna matata.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex! Cute blog! Have you seen the first classroom posted on my link party at It's from a teacher named Carol and she did a jungle theme. It's adorable! Make sure you check it out!

Alex said...

Thanks for the comment! Clearly I took quite a break from this blog, but I'm back...finally! :)