Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Know You Teach Kindergarten When...

(...I'm not so sure how I'm feeling about this Grey's Anatomy musical event so I figure this is a good time to make my list...)

-You own silver glitter TOMS and a highlighter pink J. Crew shirt and think: "Man, if I were five, I'd want to be in my class too!"

-You search through your bag for a pen...and instead of finding a normal blue ballpoint find at least one of the following: a dry-erase marker, a tricolor "Hold Right" pencil, a Mr. Sketch marker (or in my case an entire box...), a silly band, and a snap cube.

-You willingly sing loud and proud in front of your students despite how tone deaf you are.

-Freeze Dance Friday means 3 minutes of jumping around the classroom to Greg & Steve's "The Freeze." Kindergarten dancing=jumping up and down. Try it. It's the best dancing ever.

-Nearly every day begins with, "Miss ________, I love your hair/shoes/jacket/earrings/face/etc." followed by 10 hands shooting up in the air from students who want to compliment you as well. I usually respond with, "Boys and girls, we could do this all day--I love your compliments, but we have a lot of learning to do so we are going to have to stop soon...". :)

-You've heard the following joke, or a variation of the following joke, every day for the past 4 weeks:
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Tree, who?
Tree shoe.
Tree and shoe=substituted for any and all items within students' view

-You've watched a Leap Frog DVD to help you fall asleep since it was still in your laptop from rainy day recess, and you were too tired to get up to find a different movie to watch.

-At least once a day you have a moment where you just start laughing with your students, because silly stuff just HAPPENS, and every classroom needs laughter.

-You see "love" blossoming in the form of students sitting next to each other in the classroom library...and the kids are sharing a book and also holding hands. Love of reading? Check. Kinder crushes? Check. New carpet seats the next day? Check.

-You LOVE your job.

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Abby said...

I am soooo getting on the Toms train! And, glitter ones?! Even better!!!