Friday, April 1, 2011

What Did You Do For April Fool's Day?

This morning I dutifully slaved over the die cut getting my brown E's prepared for my students today. I saw the great idea on a blog called Lesson Plan SOS, and I wasn't 100% sure how I would do it in my class. Here's a screenshot of the blogpost, and a link to it as well. I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due, because this April Fool's joke just went over so well!

You see, I hated April Fool's day when I was little! People always played mean jokes...or jokes where you felt embarrassed, because you "fell for it." So, I wanted to make sure that whatever I did for April Fool's (if I did anything!), my kids loved it and were able to use it later, and the brown E idea just worked so well!

I put my brown E's in the baking pan, covered them with aluminum foil, and then asked my students if any of them wanted some! They all looked pretty eager, but we'd had a rough start to the day with our line (too much talking, not enough walking), so I decided to reward my students who had been working really hard and moved their clips to "Perfect Purple." I took three students outside (thank goodness for my co-teacher!), and I showed them the brown E's and followed up with "April Fools!" They started to giggle, and I was so relieved! The joke was a success!

Then, I decided on-the-spot to take the joke one step further. Since those three girls had been great sports, I let them take part in our little joke. They went back into the classroom, and they really did an amazing job.

"Mmmm those brownies were delicious!"
"Gosh I want some more of those," another girl said while rubbing her stomach.

Later I let a few more kids in on the joke, and right before recess I revealed the brown E's to everyone. Phenomenal! They had so much fun with it! A few seemed confused (and one even seemed a teensy bit upset) at first, but once we talked about the joke, they figured it out and enjoyed it. I told them that this joke is great, because no one got hurt, and everyone got to have fun! Once they realized they too would get to play the joke on a family member when they told them they had a brown E in their backpack, all the kids were stoked. I love the idea of teaching my kids to have a sense of humor about things! Life is easier if you laugh!

Now, I'm just not sure what I'll do next year for April Fool's! I'll have to be on the search for a joke that is funny, smart, and confidence-building! I loved how proud my students looked when they gave their parents their brown E's, and I hope I can come up with something just as great for next year!

Check it out: A parent emailed me a picture of the brown E now hanging beside her son's bed (on the left). He apparently tried to trick people all afternoon! I didn't take pictures of my actual brown E tray, but this picture is even cuter!


Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Hello! I am laughing so hard right now at the picture of the Brown E on your student's wall!! Love it! So glad you enjoyed the activity!!

Jack said...

I added you to my list of blogs. Love the title of your blog!
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