Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Love Lakeshore Outlet!

Today I needed to do some retail therapy. As most teachers know, this means a combination of classroom shopping and clothing shopping. Mostly classroom shopping of course. I've been stressed quite a bit lately, and then last night my grandma passed away...and my stress is peaking, especially since the vast majority of what has been going on is out of my hands/control.

So this morning I headed to the Lakeshore Learning Outlet with one of my best friends, and it was wonderful. Let me share with you some of my amazing purchases from today that I am so excited to use in my classroom when I return (instead of Monday, which would be the end of spring break, however, I'll be back next Monday after flying home for a week for the funeral and to support my family (or to try to support them as much as I can!)).

A sentence writing station (there are 4 different boards). I'm imagining having my students use the spinners to come up with several silly sentences, write them all neatly on the lines with a dry-erase marker, and then pick their favorite to write on paper and illustrate.

Fun materials for our newest unit: Red, White, and Blue! I think we'll use the stars for high-frequency words. I saw a really cute game of "I have...who has...?" and I think the cut-outs would be perfect for it.

Two phenomenal purchases here: 
1. The pointers, as you can see, are ridonkulously huge! I love it! They are 2 feet long! I know my kids will love them and use them often.
2. The composition books have space for students to draw pictures at the top, and then write at the bottom. I bought 5 journals the other day from Target, but they cost more...and I needed a couple more so I was stoked to see these at Lakeshore.

Yay yay yay! These book containers are SO wonderful. I recently got a bunch of blue ones from Donors Choose, and my closet filled with books looks so organized (and is so organized!). Can you believe that each container PLUS the books were $4 each?

How can anyone resist a super fun ball for PE?

Impulse buy, but I just had to have these. Anything that excites me about letters and learning I know will be exciting for my students.

....and finally, my favorite teacher purchase of the day (please note it's not all set up yet)...

A Calendar Math Center! There are so many amazing things about this center (and yes I realize the first day of Spring is incorrectly placed on the calendar...), but I love the Hundreds, Tens, Ones section to reinforce place value...

...and these daily math questions to encourage students to think about math in a very real sense.

However, my favorite part of course has to be the discount on the center:
 If you can't read exactly what the label says, allow me to help.
Original price: $99.00
Current price: $24.79
Why the markdown, you ask? Oh, because the BOX is torn and crushed a little on the corner. Not missing a single thing, nothing you actually use with your students is ruined...oh no, it's just the silly box.

...and the icing on the cake:

...Need I explain more why I *LOVE* Lakeshore?

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