Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best. Present. Ever.

Teachers are lucky. We get presents *every* day. Sometimes it's a coloring page or a note. Sometimes it's a sticker or a flower. Sometimes it's a hug...or a high five...or a smile. Yup, we're pretty lucky.

However, I recently received the best present ever from a student who has sneakily edged his way to be my "favorite." Granted, I call all of my students my "favorites" so at this point the word simply means one of my fabulous students whom I love dearly. Here is a photo of the best present I've ever received, which just so happens to be a dress from one of my students:

There is seriously no better present than one where I:
1. Feel happy every time I see it!
2. SMILE lots just thinking about the present!
3. Will never ever ever forget how wonderful my student is every time I see or think about the present.

Plus, I am pretty sure if I wore it to school I'd be the coolest kindergarten teacher ever. I hope you like my dress, too. :)

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smilescrayonsandendlessstories said...

Aww so cute!!