Saturday, May 7, 2011's the Kindergarten Spelling Bee!

On Monday my class will have our spelling bee to select two winners to go on to the kindergarten spelling bee...followed by the District spelling bee.

From what I heard, there was some resistance to having kindergarteners participate in the spelling bee. However, I'm ecstatic about it! My students have a fun way to demonstrate all they have learned this year, and they are working hard to spell their high-frequency words! They also are learning how to support their friends even though they will not all get to participate in the school spelling bee.

I think every student (and adult!) struggles when someone wins something that he/she wanted as well. At the beginning of the year, when I would pick our class Top Banana of the week, some students would look upset if they were not chosen. Now, they celebrate and cheer on whomever is selected. I hope the spelling bee will be the same, and I really hope more than anything my students will recognize how amazing they are! I already know our spelling bee is going to take *forever* since so many of my students are awesome spellers!

Happy Weekend!
P.S. Does anyone know if I can use Lettering Delights clipart in posts? I'm not sure, and I wanted to use this super cute bee in this one...but I don't understand the copyright deal and want to make sure I'm not stealing/misusing their clipart!

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