Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chocolate Makes You Smarter

Tomorrow we have our district writing assessment! My co-teacher and I stayed late after school today to get new pencils sharpened, crayons organized, and desks rearranged to be ready for tomorrow. Now all I have left to do is buy my supply of Hershey Kisses tomorrow morning!

...Haven't you heard? Chocolate makes you smarter. When I was in college my favorite professor gave each of us a piece of chocolate before every test to "increase the blood flow to our brains and help us do better on our tests." ...and now I do the same for my kinders.

We will all enjoy a piece of candy in the morning to get our brains working, to smile and and to laugh, and to make sure we have fun on this assessment! Who says district assessments have to be scary? Below you'll see the note that went home today with my kids to their parents about our assessment, and I'm hoping I'll have 20 smiling students tomorrow.

P.S. Clipart from Lettering Delights, I think. I need to be better about sorting and organizing my clipart.

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Stacy said...

Thank goodness, chocolate makes you smarter. I should be a genius by now!! Cute idea to give them before tests. I have a huge plastic Hershey Kiss that dispenses kisses. We say it's time to "Kiss your brain!". Gotta love Dr. Jean.