Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You for Lending a Helping Hand!

Tomorrow our school will have our Volunteer Tea. I have the most amazing families ever! On a field trip this year, I had 19 students attend...and 18 chaperones. Not too shabby. So, when it came time for the Volunteer Tea, I had trouble narrowing down my invites and just stuck with the parents who have regularly been in the class helping and contributing...and nearly all attended both of our field trips. However, it was SO difficult, and I am so grateful for all my volunteers that it was nearly impossible to "narrow" my list down. I ended up inviting 9 volunteers, and I think they are all amazing.

Today, my co-teacher and I worked with our students to make posters for the tea. My co-teacher had this brilliant idea to use the students handprints to decorate our posters. Check out how ridiculously cute they turned out (I absolutely loved my co-teacher's idea!):

Plus, I had one student who started giggling before I even painted his hand, and I fully intend on doing handprints again just so I can paint his hand and listen to him laugh so hard. I was crying I was laughing so hard at his eagerness and excitement!

How does your school celebrate your volunteers...and how on earth do teachers survive without volunteers?!

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