Monday, June 20, 2011

How much is too much?

Question: At what point does a teacher say, "I have too much stuff in my classroom"?

Answer: I'm not sure.

I am pretty sure I could stock an entire preschool. I just shipped 4 giant Fed Ex boxes to my new school.

...and then I took a 45 minute "break" to make an Excel spreadsheet of all the books on tape I have. (See previous posts about my slight OCD....) Conclusion? I have 60 sets of books on tape, totaling 298 books.

Granted I did not purchase a single one of those books, but still, that's quite a few! ...and those are just books on tape. I haven't even tried to catalogue all my other books, though I really should.

Anyway, I'm in love with all the books I have--I think a good classroom ought to have lots of books for students to read, because how can you learn to love reading without books?

However, I'm pretty sure I'm set for my's hoping I never become a hoarder and/or clutterer! I gladly and proudly embrace my organizational skills as they ensure I will never be the person who holds on to things "just in case."


Mrs. Jordan said...

I have been catching up with you through your is the move going?? Hope everything is going well..and that you have a terrific new school!

Alex said...

The move is slowly but surely happening! I am packing up everything this week! Fingers crossed I can do it all! :)

Keys4Education said...

How awesome to have THAT many books on tape for your kiddos. How were you able to get all of them and where? I tell myself you can never have enough when it comes to the little ones.