Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have had the most wonderful past couple weeks. Things are really falling into place at school, I'm leaving on time, and I'm feeling like my students are really becoming invested in learning.

Yesterday we took a walking field trip to the library. 50 kindergarteners walking to the library after a month in school? It was amazing. They did so well! I wanted to share some of their wonderful thank you notes to our chaperones. I love these pictures, because we have been practicing drawing pictures that are big and detailed.
This is by one of my students who still tries to answer my questions in Spanish. All of my students are English Language learners, and most after a week realized they needed to answer my questions in English. I adore this student, and I am still working with him to speak more in English. I was so proud when he shared "My favorite part was when we read a book" and didn't need a prompt to speak in English. He really is showing courage by continuing to speak in English.

Big? Check. Detailed? Check. Love this.

I love the label...but even more so I love that this student drew another student who has some rockin' spiky hair in the picture. Her details really helped us understand what her story!
So now here's the nauseous part:
Child Struck, Killed Near Chase Crash

How is it possible to process this? I have a friend who works at the school the girl went to, and I feel so nauseous about it. This girl, a 2nd grader, was hit...and she died in front of her mom. I just can't even process it at all.

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