Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Centers Management...and Next Steps (of course!)!

Welp, my goal of a weekly blog post=so far not working out for me! I don't even have much time to get this post written, because it's already 11:18 p.m., and when your day starts at 7:15 (and by "when your day starts" I mean instructional staff hours are 7:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), well sleeping by midnight is usually a goal! :)

One goal I have been keeping up with though is taking more pictures of my classroom. I never realized what a visual person I am until I noticed that:
1. When I do classroom observations, all I really want to do is look around at what is on the walls of each teacher's room.
2. I cringe at anchor charts I make that are messy and feel tempted to make them again (I've been known to "prettify" my anchor charts overnight!).
3. I scroll through blog posts and stop and read the ones with pictures I like.

So, here in fewer words and more pictures is how I manage centers in my class:

This chart shows what center students will be going to each day.

Writing Center--
Filled with anchor charts galore (and trust me, I know some of these anchor charts need to be re-done!)

Poetry Center

I recently starting adding the vocabulary charts we make each week for reading comprehension as a challenge for my higher students.

Sight Word poems from the best book ever! Thank you, Scholastic! http://www.amazon.com/Sight-Poetry-Pages-Fill-Blank/dp/0439554381

Listening Center--
I just had an amazing volunteer come organize all my books on tape! I'll have to take a photo soon--it's beautiful! We are now venturing into non-fiction stories to support our non-fiction writing.

ABC Center

Library--Featuring new pillows from the Target Dollar section. :)

The Seldom Used Computer Center...

We have an awesome program called Dreambox for math, but I don't know the best program for phonics/reading to help students and to keep them from playing too much! Any suggestions? I really do want to get my students back on computers!

My next centers steps (a.k.a. please tell me how you do these things!):
1. Differentiating work for students
2. Increasing student responsibility and accountability for work (Right now we use folders, and I check their work...I'm learning toward a "centers rubric" to help students evaluate themselves!)
3. Library: How do I increase accountability at this center without lessening the idea that we can sometimes just read for fun?

I've been loving reading all the blogs popping up in my reader--I promise to follow up on some of the comments that recently popped up on my blog too! For now, I'm off to bed...


Sara said...

New reader...found you on Pinterest...

Do you use Starfall.com for your reading on the computer???


Alex said...

Yup, we LOVE Starfall!! I wish there was a way I could monitor my kids even more on it, but it's wonderful!!