Friday, January 6, 2012

Need New Shoes?? Or a New Bag??

A friend shared this great link with me for a shoe site that I have been passing on to friends...and every teacher loves a good deal right? The deal for a pair of shoes (or a bag or other item) is half-off their usual price, so $19.95.

To get the 50% offer you have to buy your item the day you join just a heads up so I wouldn't join unless you know what you're looking for--here's the link to the site:, but I had to share with all you awesome bloggers!


Jeannie said...

You have a terrific site here! I am so glad I found it and I am your newest follower!
Come see me too!
­ Kindergarten Lifestyle

It's a Jungle Out There! said...

I chose your new blog for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out

Alex said...

Thanks so much Jeannie! I definitely checked your blog out and just commented with the Versatile Blog award!! Marie, thanks so much for the award!! I appreciate it tons!!