Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day Off From Work... not as exciting as it seems. Today I spent my day in bed until 1p.m., at which point I ate a bowl of soup and an ice cream bar. Four hours later I treated myself to some chicken broth. Yum. While perhaps I would be even more inclined to listen to my advice in the future if I could see how terrible I looked I'd prefer that remain a horrible memory, so I'll just let you imagine what I look like if I sound like this:

In other news, tonight the Hunger Games happens to be opening. I bought a midnight ticket to go see it with a couple people...and lo and behold my voice sounds terrible, and I'm feeling miserable. Yes, I feel better after resting all day, and yes, I could possibly convince myself that I could go to the movie...but I am pretty sure that would be one of the stupidest things I've done in my life. 

I believe this level of stupidity falls along the lines of not going to the doctor until I was shaking while driving a friend to the airport (pneumonia) or not going to the doctor until I looked like I was about to have a baby (tumor). You know, typical Alex "I'm not sick" moments.

So here's to spending the rest of my day (and possibly the rest of my week) in bed, looking crappy, and sounding even crappier. Thank goodness I have a TV and puppy to keep me company.

Here's hoping you are healthier than I am and perhaps even enjoying the Hunger Games yourself!!

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