Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Field Trip

I can't believe it's April! Our spring break just came and passed the first week of April, and the Wednesday we were back in school we had a field trip to the aquarium! The past two years, since I taught up in the Bay Area, we would go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Talk about an amazing field trip!

This year, now that I'm in LA, we went to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. I admittedly did not do as much field trip prep as I would have liked, but we still had an amazing time! I wish I had more photos, but they were pretty strict on photo taking...

The day before our trip we wrote about what we hoped to see or wished we would could see on the trip. Lots of wishes about penguins (my favorite animal), octopus pups, fish, and jellyfish!

Then, off to the aquarium we went on Wednesday, hoping the rain wouldn't disturb our visit! Students were able to go around to several different stations to learn about jellyfish, grunions, tidal waves, and sea lions vs. seals. They even were able to hatch their own grunions!

After that, we ate lunch and headed back to the aquarium, split up in our groups to go explore:

By far my students' favorite part? Creating their own puppet shows!

A bus full of 50+ kindergarteners=silent after the students have missed their usual after-lunch nap.

Making thank you cards for chaperones is the perfect opportunity to practice teamwork.

And some student responses to their favorite part of the trip (they weren't done yet--but I wanted photos before they left so I took them anyway!)...
Can you believe this student has an IEP for being developmentally delayed? Me neither. Her work is amazing.

Love the details in this one--you can tell exactly what is going on here without having to ask questions!

We like labels. :)
I love best work.

Super cool: At the aquarium, you can press a button that turns on the light and makes the jellyfish turn purple. This student drew her finger pushing the button, and her finished product had the jellyfish turning purple!

I know there's nothing fancy in this post--but I wanted to get a post written so I can get back in the habit of it! We've been busy getting semi-ready for the end of the year (we finish mid-June so we still have quite some time to go), and our students will be taking the SAT-10 in a couple weeks so we are getting ready to give the confidence and excitement to beat the test!

P.S. Keep an eye out for a blog design change! :) Woohoo!

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